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A blog for anyone who's had weird looks from strangers. A collection of my daily mishaps, along with things that make me laugh out loud (usually in public, on the way to uni/work).
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This is so amazing it’s pissing me off

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so hey fun fact for anyone who wants queer history trivia: the first disco in Seattle was opened in 1973 and was a gay bar called “shelly’s leg” and it was named after a dancer named shelly who lost her leg in a confetti cannon accident and used the insurance/lawsuit settlement money to open a gay disco.

a) This is such a fantastic story that I wouldn’t care if it were made up, except that

b) upon further research, it does appear to be true

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Wait a shitting minute this means that I’m going to miss another Top 14 weekend


Favorite Muggleborns headcanons (1/?)

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i’m excited to see a 38 year old man dump ice water over his head this is my life these are my choices

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